Having spare accessories on your boat is one of the things you should anticipate every time you set out on a journey. If the navigation will include more than 5 people it is really important to have spare cushions so that everyone can feel really comfortable during the trip. offers you a GRP spare seat cushion. It measures 1000 x 440 x 420 H, so its size is really enough for several people to sit comfortably and enjoy the views while sailing.
Its white color will give a truly unique touch to your boat and allow it to combine, in a linear way, with the rest of your boat. This type of cushion is useful to always have at your disposal, you never know when you’ll need it!
With the GRP spare seat cushion you can not only offer comfort to your travellers, but also keep any kind of objects. That’s right! With this nautical accessory you will enjoy a 2 in 1.
The cushion is ideal to be mounted on semi-rigid, gliders or open boats. So you can place it in the area you prefer most of your boat or keep it, in case you do not need it yet.
Having a spare cushion will always be really useful for you and your travellers. Enjoy a calm and completely pleasant sailing knowing that, in case you need it, you will have the spare cushion.
For this nautical piece of furniture to be yours, you only have to make the purchase online through Our company has been committed for years to offer nautical accessories of certified quality.
Take it with you and put it on your boat for only 147.40 euros. This incredible price can only be found on What are you waiting for? Log in to the website and buy it now.

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