On any long trip that includes leaving the comfort zone, there are two questions that are essential to answer before heading off. The first is where are you going to sleep? And the second, and most important, is what are you going to eat? This last one is an aspect that presents a lot of concern, because in spite of taking a lot of food, the place where one cooks awakens curiosity.
This is one of the biggest concerns on a trip, especially one that takes place far from the earth. For that, there is a BOAT OVEN WITH GRILL AND 3 FIRES of steel and aluminum with a black door of tempered glass. The oven door is equipped with a thermometer, it is made of tempered glass. This cooker can be used with butane G30, propane and G31. The total weight of this kitchen is about 29 kilos. It does not take up too much space but its usefulness is totally necessary for a trip with the family, the best thing will be to prepare meals at the end of the afternoon to enjoy each moment of the trip together and feeling how special it is to cook together.
The best thing about a trip on board a boat is to have the possibility of fishing with the right tools, but to enjoy the full cycle, it is ideal to be able to prepare the fish together with the family, there is no way to get fresher dishes. BOAT OVEN WITH GRILL AND 3 FIRES, allows you to make multiple dishes at once for a better experience. But what is even more beneficial is that lunch or dinner will be completely healthy because it will be supervised by the diners themselves.
An adventure on board a boat needs to have all the possible comforts to make the journey a whole ride.

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